Understanding TCO to unlock the Strategic Power of your Human Capital

Human Capital is company’s most important asset and Human Capital Management — or HCM — has become an essential component of today’s corporate strategy. Companies invest in systems enhancements and in people to manage HR processes. However did you know that for many companies, hidden costs can represent 63% of HR spending? Whether you are a CEO, CHRO, CFO or CIO, discover how you could make up to 26% savings and help your people better focus on strategic goals.

1 - Measure your payroll and administrative costs

In just four steps, ADP can help you build a compelling, evidence-based business case to help you drive HR transformation by completing a TCO scan… Compare your costs against industry ratios and receive access to key indicator dashboards.

2 - Benchmark your HR costs against peers worldwide

The next step is comparing your costs against your peers using ADP's benchmarking database. You'll see how your HR processing costs compare around the world, in regions where you do business, and against companies in- and outside your industry.

3 - Streamline your processes and save an average of 26%

Based on your total cost of ownership and benchmarking data, we provide business case and scenario modeling so you can see how to transform your HR functions from where they are today, to where they need to be tomorrow, driving costs down, without sacrificing service.

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Payroll and HR Administration: Use Total Cost of Ownership Methodology to Expose Process Improvement Opportunities.

Understanding TCO


Measure your payroll costs