The Changing Regulatory
Environment for HR Data

The biggest change to data protection in 3 decades

On 25th May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. This will impact the way personal data is managed and processed by employers and HR. Non-compliance costs and risks can be significant.
In light of GDPR, companies are finding it difficult to understand and respond to regulatory changes as they take place. According to a HCM survey conducted by IDC in 2016, 33% of HR leaders are concerned about Data Privacy and GDPR.
And you, are you ready to respond to the new regulatory change?

Having an expert onboard is essential

Employers cannot eliminate risk, but choosing a credible provider is an appropriate action to take. According to IDC, there are few HRO providers that are able to achieve efficiencies across multiple employer organizations by operating at scale, while exhibiting knowledge of local employment laws and practices.
IDC believes that many companies will use cloud services or outsource HR data processing and other functions in order to reduce risk, ensure consistent data protection and comply with legal obligations.

Here to help

ADP invests large amounts of money in infrastructure to provide security and risk management, information storage, and experts on hand to support you not just with GDPR, but any HR compliance change.
With ADP it will not be necessary to acquire new software licenses or versions. ADP systems have integration, compliance and expertise in-built – meaning you don’t need to start from scratch, but can achieve an immediate total solution through a trusted outsource partner.


To find out how to transform GDPR into an opportunity, please download IDC report, Cloud, Compliance and the case for HR Transformation to support HCM strategy.

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European Data Protection law is changing!


How GDPR will impact you?