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Global Human Capital Management: Making the world a better – and easier – place to work

A global workforce means complex HR challenges. Global Human Capital Management (GHCM) is a business model that helps companies move easily across borders. Its combination of technology-enabled services and experts on the ground everywhere in the world help your company expand in a way that is stable, sustainable and cost-efficient.

Win the global talent battle

It’s a tough talent market for global companies. Employees have ever-increasing expectations – and social channels carry your brand reputation far and wide. Global Human Capital Management’s holistic approach helps you keep your talent happy, engaged, growing and aligned with your global business goals. In other words, it helps you become “a good global company to work for.”

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve business efficiency

Did you know that the average multinational uses 33 HR and payroll systems? That’s a big burden on your company’s TCO – not to mention its productivity. ADP offers a single vendor Global Human Capital Management solution that helps you streamline your tools and systems, unify fragmented processes, and achieve compliance everywhere in the world.

Minimise compliance costs

Compliance risk is the number one concern for a full 60% of global HR leaders. It costs global companies millions every year. ADP’s Global Human Capital Management solutions rely on a network of local experts on the ground in over 100 countries who can manage fast-changing laws and regulations, complex tax and social security systems, and other compliance issues that might make doing business internationally – expensive!
Want to know how other businesses around the world use global HCM to become better employers? Join other executives who have explored the benefits of being bold with their Human Capital Management strategy – watch our short video below.

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