ADP & Private Equity

ADP Private Equity Program


Dedicated Global Coverage Officer
• Identify opportunities for optimization, process improvement, risk and cost
reductions in the portfolio
Aggregate Discounts on ADP Services
• Portfolio companies receive a minimum discount, based on the aggregate
spend across the portfolio
• Speed-up the procurement process
- Pricing negotiation, contract execution
Merger Integration Services for Carve Outs, Roll Ups and Add-Ons
• Rapid deployment of Human Capital Management (HCM) services
- Lowering Transitional Services Agreement (TSA) exposure and
stand-up costs
A Single Global Partner
• ADP can provide Human Capital Management (HCM) services and
solutions in over 104 countries across the globe
Portfolio Company Value Creation
• Identify inefficiencies in HCM operations within the portfolio and provide
an ROI Analysis : HR Diagnostic™
- Identify and eliminate profit/loss areas
- Identify disparate systems and processes that are decreasing
operational efficiencies
Strategic Advisory Services
• Risk and compliance management on a global scale
- HR, pay and benefits regulations insight
• Available in USA only:
- Provide ACA education, cost-control measures, compliance and
tax implications
Total cost of ownership (TCO) / Benchmark Analysis
• Total cost of ownership (TCO) study for any portfolio company
- At country level, or international
- Study showing Current and Future costs to manage labor, systems,
direct and non-direct costs

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ADP Private Equity Program